Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters






Single player


For Kids:


320 × 200

For Kids:

DOSBox Cycles:

1000 (Approximate)

Star Control 2 screenshot
Star Control 2 gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 5
Star Control II is considered by many to be one of the greatest PC games of all time. (Even in 2018 it was voted as the top PC game ever in a large online poll.) The game is a space exploration / combat simulation with a deep story and a huge world to explore. There is a plethora of worlds to visit and quests to complete, along with an engaging plotline. Your interactions with various species allow you to form alliances which are important for completing the game. While most of the game is leisurely paced, combat turns into an action-packed experience. Definitely worth trying; this demo version gives you a taste of the full version experience. A free open-source Windows port of the full game, based on converted 3DO code released by the developers, is available here: The Ur-Quan Masters. Definitely recommended!

NOTE: For the DEMO version of this game you will need to initially run it with DOSBox cycles set 1000! After the main game screen loads, you can increase the cycles to a more reasonable amount like 4000. Otherwise the game will appear too dark! (Press Ctrl-12 to increase the cycles while in-game.) More info

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